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A Review of Rotorazer Saw

The rotorazer is a high-power and versatile handsaw which is used in cutting different materials. It can be used on any surface that you choose. You can use this saw for your home construction and renovation projects. It is also used for crafts and arts. Additionally, it has a high level of performance as compared to the conventional saws.

Main Features of a Rotorazer Saw

You can use this tool to achieve the desired cut without straining. It is one of the versatile hand tools on the market today.  The critique of the roto razer mechanical saw can help you in understanding its key features . You can use it to make even plunge, curved and straight cuts.

rotorazer circular saw

It takes the place of the following saws: miter saw, tile saw, handsaw, circular, jigsaw, and band saw. It combines all these tools into one durable, portable, lightweight saw.This saw comes with a 400-watt motor, which has speed of a 3400 RPM.


Every saw comes with a construction-grade chassis that can fit in the user’s hand, regardless of its size. Furthermore, it has a safety switch which prevents it from getting engaged when you don’t want to. It is designed with an adjustable depth lever that allows the user to adjust the cutting depth (deep, medium or shallow).

Pricing and Refund Policy of a Rotorazer Saw

This saw can be purchased directly from the manufacturer. The total cost or a rotorazer saw is about 169.80 USD. Anew saw comes with replaceable blades:

  • Tungsten carbide– This blade is perfect for wood surfaces, PVC, and laminated flowing.
  • Steel– It is ideal for steel, carpet and metal surfaces.
  • Diamond– It is used for hard surfaces like grout, stone, tile, and masonry products.

In addition to this, every saw is designed with:

    • A dust extraction system– This system is meant for removing dust making the cleaning process easy and efficient.
    • Bonus -This is a professional drill bit set.
    • Case– Each saw comes with a durable case that protects it when it is not in use.


  • This saw can be sued for cutting any material. It can be used on different surfaces.
  • It is portable, affordable and lightweight. This has made it a suitable replacement for the other types of saws.
  • It has a 30-day guarantee or return policy


  • Being a new product, it does not have many online customer reviews
  • It is not ideals for huge jobs
  • It cannot be used for cutting items that have large diameters.