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What You Should Consider When Buying a 3D Printer

There are many brands of 3D printers in the market and buying one might not be as easy as many people think. It becomes more daunting for people who do not have experience in the field. To help people in search of 3D printers, we have compiled a list of essential things you should have in mind in your search. You can as well follow the link for Recommended 3d printers under 1000 dollars. Read on.


Before anything else, you should buy a printer which matches your needs. What is the core application of the 3D printer? If you do not have the right answer to this question, you are in for a purchase mistake. People buy printers for different needs, some for hobby use, for gifting, specialized printing or industrial prototyping. This factor will highly determine the type of printer you will buy. The only way to have a successful printing experience is by purchasing a printer that matches your needs.


The 3D printer you are about to buy should be compatible with the materials you are about to choose from. If your print outs are to be used for specific application, ensure that you get a printer using the appropriate technology. In addition to that, the materials used must have the required properties for compatibility.

Printing Space

The printing space can also be referred to as the build volume. Before choosing a printer have in mind the size you will be printing most. Do not assume that buying a large printer which accommodates all sizes is the solution. The bigger the printer, the more its costs and it might affect the quality of the prints. If you require large prints at times, you can outsource and get the standard size 3D printer.

Material Availability

This is another important factor to have in mind. The printer will be of no use if you cannot access compatible printing materials. Note that, the materials change with technology. Analyzing the printouts you might need in the future and what you will be using immediately determines your choice.


Cost cannot be ignored in the purchase of goods and services. It is essential to stick to your budget and get value for your money. In this case, you should consider the cost of the 3D printer and that of the printing materials. To get the best price, compare what different companies have to offer and choose the best deal.…

3d printer

Advantages of Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing is the process of building and creating 3D objects in layers by depositing materials. Additive manufacturing is now more commonly known as 3D printing. When talking about additive manufacturing, there are several advantages of it. Here are some of the advantages of additive manufacturing:

Different industries

aerospaceAdditive manufacturing can be used in a number of different industries. It is a very useful method of manufacturing that can be very useful to be applied to many various industries. The most common and popular use of additive manufacturing can be found in the aerospace industry. There is aerospace metal 3d printing that can help this industry to manufacture components that they need.

Other uses of additive manufacturing can also be found in the industry of marine as well as in the defense industry. The medical industry and the industrial industry also benefit a lot from additive manufacturing.

A wide array of applications

Additive manufacturing can be used and applied to a wide array of several different and various applications across several industries as mentioned before. The applications of additive manufacturing in these industries vary in a wide array of different types. Additive manufacturing can be used in different areas and stages in the process chain. It can be used starting from the research and development stage up until the production and finishing phase.

You can use it to make prototypes and models during the development stage of a product. You can use it to make parts that are for pilot series production in a variety of industries. You can also use it for short series production as well. Other than that, you can use it to produce complex parts too.

Time and cost saving

One of the main advantages of using additive manufacturing is that it increases efficiency. When compared to conventional manufacturing, additive manufacturing is a lot more time saving and cost saving. The volume and the lead time of manufacturing can be minimized by using this method. You are able to manufacture at a low volume, which eliminates programming and tooling, and which leads to saving costs. The lead time of this method is quite short with a time of around one to two weeks and can be delivered within only days.

Customizable complexity

3d printingAnother great thing about additive manufacturing is that you are able to create something that can cater to your needs and customizable to what you want. Plus, you can create something that is complex and historically was too costly or not possible to achieve with conventional engineering. So, you are able to let your imagination run wild and create something that can benefit you.…