A Review of The Best LED Grow Lights

Sufficient light is an essential thing for almost every living thing. That is because most of the living things require light to thrive well in different conditions. Therefore in this article, we are going to review the best LED grow light on the market. You can Click Here to see the different types of LED grow lights used for growing cannabis. Before choosing any LED flashlight for the growth of your plant, there are several factors to consider.  These are;


A good LED light should not be too expensive such that the customers find it hard to raise the money to buy it. A Good LED light should cost more than $ 370.

High Rating

A good LED grows light should have a good rating from the customers who have used the product. Therefore a rating of 4 out of 5 and above is good. 3. Full spectrum Good light to grow the cannabis plant should have a full range for the easy growing of marijuana.

Growth Stage

Some light can only be used at certain stages of plants, and this limits their usage. A good LED light should be easily used at any stage during marijuana cultivation. Therefore considering the above factors to consider before choosing an LED grow light, the below discussed are the best LED grow light. They are;

Advanced Platinum Series P300

The advanced platinum series p300 is a LED grow light that is effective for the plants grown in small areas. The LED light costs $369 and has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5. That means the product is well rated.

Product Specifications

  • Has a 3 Watt LED
  • It has high energy saving ability
  • Has UV and IR lighting


  • Good light coverage area
  • Suitable for Vegetable and flowering.
  • Advanced energy saving
  • Exceptional penetration of information
  • Good for little spaces.


  • High cost

The MarsHydro 72074 LED

It is a unique LED grow light that contains full spectrum grow light for cannabis plants. The product has an advanced feature that makes it more suitable for growing plants. It has an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Its Main Features

  • Full spectrum lighting
  • The life span of 50 to 100000 hours
  • Has UV and IR lights
  • Energy saving


  • The LED light has good reviews
  • Product of high quality
  • Very durable with a fantastic lifespan
  • Useful for small spaces
  • Great for beginner light


  • There is no user manual provided to guide the user.

The BESTVA 2000W

The Bestva 2000 Watt is among the best rated Grow light with an excellent rating of 4.4 out of 5 from the people who have used them. Therefore this product has some amazing specifications such as;

  • Has 10Watt LED
  • Enhanced energy saving


  • Produces very bright light
  • Low temperature
  • Enhanced energy saving ability


  • Minimal durability due to premature burning out of the LED No timer

The MORSEN 2400w

The Morsen 2400 watt is a special LED grow light with unique features that are mostly found in the costly growing lights. The LED has a useful life span as compared to others. It has a life span of 100000 hours.

UV and IR light enabled
Contains a handle for hanging
10Watt chip


  • Advanced energy saving ability.
  • Great customer service.
  • Three-year warranty
  • Newbie friendly
lady with headphones

Why you Need Quality Headphones

Most of us have experienced the need for headphones. You can appreciate the benefits of headphones if you are jogging, commuting to work or if you want to enjoy quality sound. Some people, however, do not realize the importance of quality headphones and their benefits. Below are some of the reasons why you need a quality pair of headphones.

Better Isolation

man on desktop with headphones

Unlike speakers that provide a fantastic sound quality, headphones allow greater immersion. This is because they can cancel out outside noise and other distractions. For instance, if you want to enjoy your audiobook but you cannot focus because of a lot of noise. This feature is also essential when watching a film at home or playing video games. Naturally being isolated from the outside world is an excellent idea.

Ability to Focus

One significant benefit of these headphones is the ability to focus on the task you need to do. Whether you are reading, doing some work or studying, you will appreciate not being distracted by noise. They also allow you to listen to what you want without disturbing people around you. This is ideal for offices with many people where you cannot agree on the music to listen to.

Ease of Use

Quality headphones will allow you to control the volume to hear other sounds around. You can also take them off if you want to be exposed to conversations around you. The flexibility that they offer will let you be in control of when and how to use the headphones. This way you can enjoy the benefits without negative effects on your life or performance.

Better experience

man with headphonesMusicians normally put a lot of effort into offering the best sound quality when recording songs. This is because they want the listeners to get the best experience. Most people invest heavily in devices that provide perfect sound quality. If you fail to get quality devices, then your experience will fall short of your expectation. Purchasing a pair of headphones that offers top quality sound will help you get the most out of your listening experience.

Prevent Ear Damage

Although they are seen often as fashion accessories, quality headphones are essential for your health. This is because they help you to avoid getting exposed to humming or static noise that can affect your hearing.


Like any product, quality headphones come at a price. You need to, however, understand that things like your health are critical. The quality headphones will also last long. Ensure you consult an expert when buying headphones to get a quality pair and reap these benefits. …